When you live on the third floor of an apartment block, having greenery around you is sparse apart from the odd potted plant which hasn’t been attacked by your cat. Is that just me? That’s why today I decided to create my own mini terrarium with some cacti and succulents. I’ve seen these DIY terrariums all over Pinterest and when I spotted this copper and glass lantern in Homesense, it was like fate stepped in to give me a little plant life back in my life.

Homesense actually had loads of these lanterns, and although gold and silver both look great, I decided to go with copper against the green of the cacti. This exact one was priced at £25.00, which may seem slightly expensive but it’s huge and really does look impressive.

All you need to create the perfect terrarium are some pebbles (I got mine for a local garden centre for £2.99), a large handful of bark (I actually stole this from my parents front garden), some soil specific for desert plants (again, I picked this up at the garden centre for £2.99) and some little succulents and cacti – all of which were bought at Ikea for hardly anything.

Layer the pebbles first, then add the bark, before popping your plants in followed by topping up with soil and packing it down to make sure everything stays put. I then added more pebbles to the top but that’s purely for decor purposes only.

How great does it look? I’ve styled it on my new dining room table with my silver candle sticks I picked up at a charity shop last year, and my beautiful brass pineapple from Rose & Grey which was kindly sent to me last week. If you like it, you can pick up your own mini pineapple by visiting the website here.


I’m always a massive fan of easy DIY’s which take less than an hour so this project was perfect. Would this be something you’d try?

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