Three days into August and I’ve finally decided what I want to channel my focus into this month. The blog. I mean, most months are usually about the blog, but I wanted to set myself some little challenges to shake things up and see if I can retain the motivation I’ve suddenly found. I’ve mentioned this across my social media channels but one massive change to my day to day routine is that I’ve cut down my hours at my 9-5, allowing me the time (aka Wednesday’s) to work on my blog. It was a huge decision to take, especially as there’s only my wage to rely on – if I don’t get paid, then my rent doesn’t either and the cats go hungry. But even just after one day of blogging, four days of working full time, I can already see this was the perfect choice for me. That choice wasn’t about money, or growing this blog (even though they’re two important factors) – it was about having some balance back in my life again after nearly a decade of running this space. I craved weekends where I wouldn’t have to take hundreds of photographs or write and schedule content for the week ahead. I craved weekends where I could say yes to plans and not “sorry I’ve got a blog post to sort.” I craved lie-in’s not ruled by natural light and the need for an amazing flatlay. I know not everyone can make the choice to cut down their hours and I know how lucky I am to be able to do both a job I love and run my blog at the same time but I’m just really excited what’s to come from this life change. Here’s to a brand new month and the things I’d like to have achieved by the very end of it.

Reach 3K on Instagram

Like most bloggers, Instagram causes me serious annoyance. I’ll go to sleep and wake up to 17 fewer followers. I didn’t even post anything to piss them off. But I’ve been hovering around the 2700 mark now for ages so I’ve decided to post twice daily if I can and try interacting even more than I already do. I love me some Insta stories, but sometimes life is so boring there’s very little that I can actually put up. Desk life is not the one. I’d love to reach 3k on there so wish me luck – and if you don’t follow me on Instagram already then make sure you do right here.

Post Consistently

If you’re a regular reader of Apartment Number 4 you’ll know I’m either the girl who blogs daily, or you don’t hear a peep for weeks from me. I’d love to just post four times a week, on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Now I know I’m already failing on that by posting today, which was a Thursday if you’re reading this from the future, but overall, I’d like people to know that they can expect four pieces of goodness from me each week.

Blow My Own Trumpet

I’ve been shortlisted for not one but two blogging awards this year, in the Northern Blog Awards for Prolific Pinner and in the Bloggers Blog Awards for Best Home Interior Blog. Last year I took a step back from awards, asking for votes and generally shouting about myself because I felt like I’d canvased enough over the years. I felt like people had heard enough from me. However, this year I thought sod it. Damn it, I want to be a multi-award winning blogger and what do I need to do to be one? Blow my own trumpet, of course. Shout about my nominations, of course. And in the end, people will hopefully like my blog enough to turn a blind eye to what is basically begging online and vote for me. The process has closed for the Northern Blog Awards now (wish me luck for the ceremony on the 16th September) but you can vote for your favourite sites over on the Bloggers Blog Awards on this link right here.

Make Shit Happen

I can’t recall how many times I’ve let opportunities slip through my fingers when it comes to working with brands. I’ve done A LOT of unpaid work for brands. I’ve shared lookbooks, I’ve done product reviews, I’ve spent hours creating content without asking for anything. Not even a share on social media. Because most of the time I loved what I was sharing and didn’t really care about being paid. But something snapped recently, and I realised that although I’m certainly not the biggest blogger, I create nice content – which can sometimes take up to six hours – and I have lovely, engaged, trusting readers. I decided that I needed to stop waiting until I thought I was “big enough” for paid work and sent my media kit back to which ever brands got in touch to talk about what I could do to help them. Some ignored it. That’s cool. But some saw my worth and were happy to pay for images, content, social media coverage and man power. Big up to those brands who appreciate how much hard work goes into the content that bloggers create. Jess from The Travelista put together a talk on monetizing your blog at a recent event I went to, advising to reply to every single enquiry you get with your media kit. PR’s and brands might not even know about previous partnerships, awards you’ve won or stand out moments in your career. You need to show them. And you know what’s happened since I started doing just that just over a month ago? I’ve had six paid opportunities that weren’t even inquiring about a collaboration in the first place. So the main goal this month is to stop waiting for those opportunities to come to me and to get out there and make shit happen.

What are your blogging goals for the month? And if you’re not a blogger I’d still absolutely love to know what you’re working towards?

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Victoria is the editor and founder of award-winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. When she's not scouring Pinterest for the latest in home decor inspiration, she's out shopping trying to recreate the looks herself.


  1. Best of luck with your August blog goals Victoria. It sounds like sending your media kit is such a good idea. I can’t wait to get mine finished so I can start emailing it x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

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