Another day, another décor inspiration post. As you’ll have no doubt read the room which is on my list of projects to finish is my spare room. I actually close the door to this room so no one can see when they walk past because I’m so ashamed of its messiness because it’s basically the room which holds all my crap.

It’s fairly big though for a second room and has a huge wardrobe built into an alcove. which gives me even more space. At the moment all I have in there is a bed base, a tall chest of drawers and a desk – oh and a cross trainer which I never use.

I was going to make it into my office but right now I don’t like spending time in there at all. It probably doesn’t help that it’s freezing cold, has nothing on the walls and no sound in there from any sort of radio or TV. So before the year is out my mission is to get this room sorted. Especially as I have my friend Tabara coming to stay at the end of November – I want this room to look perfect, but I also need to do it on a tight budget.

With that said I want to stick to a very neutral colour palette – whites, nudes, taupes, pale pinks etc – but add detail in gold/copper/wood accessories and textures. I will make my own headboard which should be easy enough, and I’ve already got a few bits I can use in the room. The biggest purchase is a bloody mattress.

Anyway, here’s a little inspiration I’ve pulled from Pinterest to start me off.

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