So as you know one of my goals for this month is to give my bathroom a bit of a makeover. As winter draws in, I want to create a really cosy, spa-like space where I can light some candles, pop on a face mask and relax in the heat as it gets colder and colder outside.

I initially wanted to go with a pink, coral and gold theme, but the more I looked around for inspiration, the more monochrome palettes stood out as a favourite – especially with gold and brass accents. I love the idea of investing in some really premium-looking pieces and creating a little sanctuary in my flat.

Obviously because I rent, it’s only really surface changes that I can make but trust me, if I had my own house (and the space), I’d be investing in a freestanding bath. I love this black one with ball feet from, especially the matte black design, it just looks so chic. Imagine that with subway tiles and a black and white Moroccan inspired tiled floor.

The walls are currently the standard rented magnolia, so I’ll be painting those a fresh white (who knew there were so many shades of white to choose from) and I really want to get the grouting redone so it looks like new again.

I’m currently on the search for some black and white graphic towels like below, and I want a ladder shelf to put all my beauty products and glass bits and bobs on. I’ve already bought an ace Hendricks Gin bottle which I plan on putting a pump dispenser inside and using for either hand wash or body lotion. Either way, it will look great when I create my “shelfie”. I’d also like to add some gold accents, in the form of a wire basket for towels to go in, and also some plant life for a bit of greenery.

Anyway, here’s a whole heap of inspiration which I’ve pinned recently. Let me know what you think of my theme and how you’d create your dream bathroom if you had the chance.

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