Apartment Number 4 partners with UK homeless charity, Crisis, to donate 50% of every purchase of my Online Interior Design Service.

Out of everything I’ve achieved or worked towards whilst running my own business for the last nine years, I’d say this is my proudest moment.

Let’s start at the beginning. I come from an average working-class family where both mum and dad worked, and my sister and I never went without. We understood the value of money, and I was aware that although there were people richer than us in a financial aspect, there were also people who had it much tougher.

As I grew up and stepped out of the bubble of living at home, I discovered even more about modern-day poverty, homelessness and food banks – all things that shouldn’t be even a consideration for humans in the 21st century.

I, like many others, knew there was more I could be doing to help.

On a personal basis, I’ve worked with various charities to help the homeless with clothing, Christmas gifts and food over the last five years. But when I turned Apartment Number 4 into a full-time business, my mission was to earn more to be able to give more. I know I’m not alone when I say this, but there are times when, if I’m honest, I feel real guilt for the life I’ve been given. Yes, I’ve worked hard for it, but I was lent a privileged hand to begin with by having a roof over my head, a very happy upbringing and the ability to design my own path.

My main purpose in business is to inspire people to create a beautiful home on a budget. I get that some might think, is there a correlation between interior design and homelessness. They literally couldn’t be further apart, right? But aside from the fact that I can not believe in this modern age, people are still sleeping on the street, I knew it was about time I used this platform of thousands of readers to educate and inspire in some way, other than paint colours and velvet cushions.

I want to inspire people to help. To give as well as taking. To be grateful for what they have and pass that fortune on to others.

Which is why for 2018/19 I’ve chosen to partner with Crisis.

Crisis is a UK based charity, established in 1967, created to support people out of homelessness. For every purchase of my £99 Online Interior Design Service made, 20% of the fee (totalling £19.80) will be given as a donation so Crisis can continue to provide housing, education and employment services to over 10,000 people a year across England, Scotland and Wales.

Homelessness doesn’t always mean living on the street. It means living in unsuitable and temporary accommodation, and this is what Crisis continues to tackle, as well as working to make sure no-one should ever have to sleep rough, whether that be in a car, a tent or the street, again.

By donating nearly a quarter of all profits from that arm of my business to help Crisis with the amazing work they do, and both the people I’m working with and I have the knowledge that we’re giving back in some small way.

I couldn’t be more proud to start this partnership with Crisis and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the work the team do. If you want to read more the work Crisis does on a daily basis then check out the website here, and for more information on my £99 Online Interior Design Service, click here.

Apartment Number 4 partners with UK homeless charity, Crisis, to donate 50% of every purchase of my Online Interior Design Service.

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