Friday was a good day. Actually scrap that, Friday was an amazing day. It started with a slight stress and rush to work as I was hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning and carrying three cakes, as well as cake stands, trays and everything else a girl has to carry in her handbag down the hill to the office, was proving a little testing to say the least.

I knew the shortlist for the Amara Interior Blog Awards was going to be released that day but I had no idea of time. I checked when I got into the car and nothing, I checked when I got out of the car and nothing, and so that’s when cake took over. The coffee morning was a massive success and I managed to raise £211.85 – to be exact. So when I got back to my desk and noticed the Twitter notifications stacking up, my heart started beating a little faster. The shortlist had been announced.

I had been nominated for Best Fashion Inspired Blog and I slowly scrolled down the list – typical that my category was towards the very bottom – to see that I’d made the final five. I was in shock. Not because I don’t believe my blog is good enough, but because I had been up against 15 amazingly talented women, some who get not just thousands of readers but millions a month. And I’d managed to make it as a finalist. Of course I called mum first and then tried to settled down and carry on with the rest of the day, a smile on my face the whole time.

I know it sounds totally cringe to say, but I couldn’t have got there without the people who spent the time to vote for me. So thank you. Thank you so much. The invite came through yesterday and in true Amara style, it’s a glamorous gold disk, inviting me and a plus one to the Ham Yard Hotel on the 28th October. I’ve ordered my dress, I’ve booked my train tickets, all that’s left is to find a hotel for the night.

As if to top the day off and put the final cherry on top of the cake, reception called to tell me some flowers had arrived. Blossoming Gifts, a flower delivery service had sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers by post – these were the Autumn Sunset range which comprised Germini, Roses & Veronica and were absolutely gorgeous.

Blossoming Gifts have been kind enough to give the readers of Apartment Number 4 a 33% discount on their range (the Flowers by Post range is exempt from this) with the code BGIFTS33, which you enter at the end when paying. Who doesn’t love cheap flowers and especially when they’re as bright and beautiful as this?

Anyway, have a great Sunday guys and I’ll be back later this evening with my second post of the day. And thank you again.

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