I still can’t quite believe that Wednesday happened. The day started off pretty standard, travelling down to London in my regular little seat in the quiet coach, tablet in hand to get some much needed Pinning done on the journey down. My reason for travelling to London? The final of the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2015.

I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Best Fashion Inspired blog, and with a gorgeous new dress in tow (more about that below), myself and my plus one, Jess, headed into Soho. My dress was kindly sent over by the team over at Monsoon and I fell in love as soon as I unwrapped the tissue paper to reveal its embellished beaded detail. It was the perfect dress for the occasion. Nipped in at the waist, just the right midi length and enough pretty detail to make it swanky enough. I’ve always been a fan of Monsoon, but this Loretta dress has to be my favourite thing in my current wardrobe.

The awards ceremony was held at the Ham Yard Hotel. If you haven’t visited before, and you’re a fan of eclectic interiors like myself, then do make sure you have a drink in the bar or even look at booking a night there if you find yourself in Picadilly – it will certainly whet your design appetite. Designed by British interior designer Kit Kemp, every single inch is Instagram-worthy – even the bathroom wallpaper.

With canapes and cocktails making their way through the bar, it was a case of trying to spot some of my favourite bloggers in and amongst the crowd. Since I made the change from focusing directly on fashion into interiors and lifestyle, it’s been so refreshing to get to know such a supportive, friendly community of talented bloggers. These bloggers want you to do well, there’s no bitchiness or cliques (unfortunately I couldn’t say the same at the Cosmo Blog Awards), and when the winners started going up to receive their awards, it seemed like everyone was genuinely happy for the person who won.

It was time for the winner of my category to be announced. My heart was pounding, but in all honesty, it was because I was thinking of how to phrase it on social media that I’d been unlucky again by not winning. It was the taking part that counts and all that crap. My category was incredibly strong, and I’d even cast a vote for one of the bloggers myself because I love her blog so much. They announced the gorgeous Old Fashioned Susie as highly commended (make sure you check out her blog after this), and as all this was going around in my head, I didn’t pay attention to how presenter Sophie Robinson phrased the build-up to the reveal. Let’s just say, not for one second did I ever think it would be me.

And the winner is…Apartment Number 4. 

What?! I froze. All I could think about was how tipsy I was from the cocktails and how much I wanted to ring my mum and dad. After six years of blogging and building up a small but amazing following, I have to be honest and say I was getting to the point of thinking, was it ever going to happen. Was I ever going to be recognised on some level other than my lovely friends and family reading. I know it sounds like such a trivial thing to say, because I don’t do this full time. I have another job. I don’t make much money from blogging. I do it purely and simply because I love to do it. Why should it matter if I get an award? Because it finally makes me realise someone else loves it as much as I do. That’s all.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to thank every single person who voted for me to be shortlisted in this first place. Without sounding too Oscar-ish, I wouldn’t have been there without that. So thank you so, so much. I also wanted to say a special thank you to Amara, who put together such a fantastic evening – I’ve been to some great events with my job and this was incredibly well executed. The team at Reiss, who sponsored my category, were amazing, and I loved meeting so many gorgeous bloggers in real life away from the online persona I’d gotten to know over the past year – Gabby of Flat 15, Kim of Swoon Worthy, Sarah of Sarah Akwisombe, Lucy of Lucy Loves Ya and Claire of Claire Garner interiors, you girls rock.

For a full rundown of the winners, make sure you head over to the Amara Interior Blog website. Thanks again and here’s to a bright Apartment Number 4 future.

Images courtesy of John Nassari

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  1. 11.1.15
    Lucy said:

    It was priceless to sit behind you and see your face when your name was announced. Well done!! X