8 Affordable Ways To Add Glamour To Your Bedroom

Here are eight affordable ways to add glamour to your bedroom, from changing the headboard to lighting candles.

Although we’d all love a big pot of money and an interior designer to work with it when decorating our homes, in reality, most of us are faced with zero budget and limited ideas. Which is especially frustrating when you’re looking to add a little glamour into your home.

With this in mind I’ve put together eight ideas for you, so you can create your own hotel-inspired bedroom and won’t have to spend a fortune on achieving this high-end look.

1. Invest in a Headboard – A quilted headboard will really create a focal point in your room, especially in a rich velvet. Go for a neutral shade, in a double height and see how much it changes the feel of the room. (Richmond Velvet Headboard – The White Company)

2. Decorate with Flowers – Not everyone can afford fresh flowers on their bedside, so adding a bowl of artificial peonies or roses is a cost-effective way of brightening up the space all year round. I adore these ones from John Lewis, and although these are an expensive choice, you can get much more purse friendly options at the likes of Homesense and eBay. (Dark Pink Peonies – John Lewis)

3. Burn the Candle – The key to a relaxing bedroom is soft lighting and calming scents. I think Neom Organics is a must-have brand for bloggers (I see this brand everywhere) but the chic monochrome packaging makes it the perfect addition to your bedside table. (Neom Organics Luxury Candle – Net-a-Porter)

4. Mirrored Furniture – One of the easiest ways to add a luxury feel to a room – especially in a rented property where you can’t wallpaper – is to use mirrored furniture. Not only will the reflective surface add space and light to the room, a mirrored dresser or chest of drawers really is the epitome of glamorous decor. (Mirrored Dressing Table – My Furniture)

Here are eight affordable ways to add glamour to your bedroom, from changing the headboard to lighting candles.

5. Under your Feet – There’s no better feeling than stepping out of bed with a deep pile shaggy rug under foot. Texture is one of the most important elements to creating a luxe-appeal in your bedroom, from a sheepskin throw on the foot of the bed, to a gorgeous white or cream rug. (White Ultra Thick Plush Shaggy Rug – Land of Rugs)

6. Style the Bed – I really like the art of symmetry in the bedroom, from two bedside tables with two matching lamps to making the bed in a symmetrical way, with two cushions, four pillows, one throw across the middle etc. Finishing touches like this are what really turns this look from plain into premium. (Lambs Wool Cushion – Amara)

7. Decorate the Walls – Hanging pretty wall art, such as this gold foil printed painting of the Eiffel Tower, can add personality into an otherwise neutral room. Try stay with similar tones, such as pinks, golds, silvers, creams and pastels – anything darker will look out of place and won’t be in keeping with the feel of the room. (Le Tour D’Eiffel Print – Minted)

8. Sleep in Luxury – Aside from the bed itself, the most money spent in my bedroom is on bed linen. I think creating a sanctuary to retire to starts with a beautifully soft, silky duvet and pillows – something you don’t want to get out of on a weekend, or on a week day for that matter. (Mulberry Silk Bed Linen – Soak & Sleep)

What do you think to these ideas? Are you looking to add a little glamour to your boudoir? As always leave me a comment below if this interiors style takes your fancy.

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  1. 3.31.19
    Kelly said:

    What is the paint color?

    • 4.8.19

      Hi Kelly! I’m so sorry this isn’t my bedroom so I’m unsure of what paint colour was used! If you like it however, you can take the image to Valspar Paint at B&Q who will match it for you 🙂 xx