Looking To Update Your Gallery Wall? Look No Further

Fy! was one of those brands that popped up on my Facebook feed through clever marketing. As you’ll know from the extensive artwork throughout my flat, I’m partial to a print or twenty.

One piece of artwork that I’ve always wanted is Gray Malin beach print.

Gray Malin, if you’re unfamiliar, is an amazing fine art photographer based in the US.

He creates the most stunning aerial shots, and despite their hefty price tag, I’ve added buying one to my list of 100 Things To Buy in my lifetime (this was an exercise in a Money + Manifestation course I did last year to allow yourself to think freely about things you’d love in life and not feel guilty about buying them).

However, as the universe would have it, Fy! reached out to me to see if we could work together sharing my favourite pieces from the website, and I noticed this print on the homepage. Dream aerial shot right here guys.

Aerial beach view print from Fy!

The Aerial Beach View Watercolour is a gorgeous addition to my office, especially as I’d been wanting to fill some of the space above my desk. The blue sits perfectly against my wallpaper and is certainly big enough sized at 70 x 100cm.

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen an influx of brands offering prints to create the perfect gallery wall, so it’s always nice to discover ones that curate something a little different.

Fy!, in fact, sells everything from artwork (framed and unframed) from artists from across the globe to homeware, jewellery, gifts, beauty, tech and more.

I’ve picked out some of my personal highlights from the website to inspire you if you’re in the mood to update your home this month. It might be worth noting customers receive FREE shipping on all orders, which is always a bonus, and every first time buyer gets 15% off if you sign up to the newsletter. Cherry on top.

Any of these take your fancy? Let me know in the comments if Fy! is a new name for you to discover or if you’ve already shopped there!

*I was kindly gifted this print to write about my experience with Fy! – as always, all thoughts and views are my own but thank you for supporting the brands that support Apartment Number 4.

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