A Letter To My Teenage Self In 1999

A letter to my teenage self UK

Dear Vikki (you’ll change this to Vickie, before learning to love Victoria FYI),

I’m writing this nearly 14 years in the future. You’re 16 at this point and you’re wondering what your next step is along the way. Right now you want to be a children’s illustrator, a graphic designer, an interior designer and work in advertising. You’ve already started going out with your fake ID, you’ve started smoking (silly girl) and you’re wearing far too many of your sister’s clothes – not to mention that god awful Rimmel Heather Shimmer 363 lipstick.

I can tell you now, smoking does not look cool but it will take you nearly 10 years to pack in the nasty habit. Another thing which doesn’t look cool is a top held together by safety pins. Yet you insist on wearing it out. Nor do those tiny buns you wear all over your head like a ghetto Princess Laya. You’ll grow your fringe out (thank god!) and flit between blonde and brunette your whole life.

Hard work has already set in your bones and you’re working as a waitress, as well as a Saturday girl at a hairdresser – Shapes & Shades no less. Don’t panic about pulling out of university the first time around, it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do and you’ll end up going back 18 months later and meeting some of the most important people in your life and getting a degree in journalism – even though you still can’t spell all these years on.

At 16 you’re in love with a guy who, looking back, is pretty toxic. Cheating on you is the norm, but you’re both kids and your penchant for a bad boy is set to carry on until you’re 27. Get used to the tears doll. If I could give you some advice it would be to not waste time on time wasters. Guys who make you cry shouldn’t be given your time of day, never mind your time of night young lady. Boys who play rugby usually play off the field too, and boys who end up in prison are not the love of your life. You’ll learn that prison visits become tiresome and having a relationship with your parents is much more important than helping someone to change who isn’t willing to help themselves.

Your parents are the most important people in your life. I know right now you think you know everything, they don’t understand and that you just can’t wait to move out and do your own thing. But these two people will help you along every step of the way, as you draw your sense of humour and common sense from pops and your intelligence and kindness from mum. I also know right now you and your sister don’t get along. You’re jealous of her wardrobe and her boyfriends. You’re an annoying younger sister. But this girl will end up being your best friend. The age gap will pass and soon you’ll be in the same stage of life and there’s no-one else you’d rather share a glass of wine with than your sister.

Can I give you some more advice? Learn to stick up for yourself sooner rather than later. You don’t like confrontation, I know this, but sometimes you just need to speak your mind. You’ll grow into yourself and stop blushing at the slightest thing. But it will take moving away from home at university (second time around) for this to happen.

Those thighs you hate right now? Well, they’ll stick around but you’ll grow into them. Your breasts, however, are pretty much going to stay the same size they are now. Enjoy your figure while you have it. Right now you have a six-pack. Fast forward 13 years and you have
six rolls in place. You’re not fat, you’re nowhere near fat and starving yourself on an apple and melon every day for three months doesn’t do you or anyone any good. You’ll learn in life that there are guys out there who like a curvy bum and hips. And if a bite of those chips means a lifetime on the hips then so be it. They taste bloody good.

Friends come and go, but the girls you’re friends with now will still be your closest friends. Of course, there will be ups and downs along the way but these are the girls that will carve you into the woman you are now writing this. You’ll turn out pretty OK. Work hard at university, especially in your journalism course as you’re set to become an editor of a menswear magazine. Menswear I know, I can’t believe it either. Right now you couldn’t think of anything worse. But it will be the best thing you’ll ever do. You’ll get to travel to so many amazing places, having the greatest memories and meet some people who’ll you’ll end up calling your work family.

Writing your diary will come in handy, as you’ll start a virtual version called a blog. You won’t know what that is but believe me when I say, that very word will change you completely. Remember these three words. Apartment Number 4.

Of all the things that will happen to you along the way, I wouldn’t want you to change a single thing. The good times and the bad times you’re set to experience will make you the person I am today. I’m living in London finally. It only took ten years yet right now you can’t imagine ever wanting to leave Bramley. You will leave, but you’ll also know where to always call home.

If anyone ever asks you to invest money into something called Apple, don’t ignore it. There are more genres to music than bassline and you’ll be happy you never got your belly button pierced. You wouldn’t be able to see it in ten years trust me. I can’t say everything will turn out right because I’m still trying to figure that one out as I write this, but what I will say is that you don’t need to worry. You’ll be just fine.

Love you x

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