7 Resolutions To Make For A Happier Home

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With what feels like approximately 45 minutes of daylight at the moment, nesting is in full swing here at Apartment Number 4. I’ve battened down the hatches, and I’m set for a month or so of hibernating with a little Netflix and Warmth.

I wanted to kick-start 2019 with a blog post on resolutions. I know, ground-breaking content, right. But these resolutions are slightly different. These are changes to make to your home, to create somewhere you feel completely content and happy to wake up in every day. Let’s start with…

Deep Clean & Declutter

OK, so this is a fairly obviously new year, new me kind of resolution, but having a deep clean throughout your home will set you off into 2019 in the best frame of mind possible.

Just clearing out rubbish, sorting through paperwork, organising and filling your fridge, and cleaning every surface is a surefire way to feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the first month back to reality.

If your cooking space is top of your list, I put together this guide to deep cleaning your kitchen, including everything from cleaning your washing machine to organising your cupboards.

Create A Sanctuary To Sleep In

Although I’ve just advised to give the whole house a deep clean, I totally get that keeping it tidy after you’ve had a crazy Maria Kondo weekend of decluttering, isn’t some people’s idea of fun.

Some people were just born messy. It’s OK, we still love you.

But the one room I’d always recommend keeping in order is your bedroom, especially as it’s the one room that requires peacefulness and tranquillity. How do you create a sanctuary though?

  • Invest in cotton bedding, which is breathable and doesn’t make you sweat as polyester sheets do.
  • Remove all technology or at least turn the TV off completely so you have no electronic lights in the room.
  • Don’t have the room too hot as you’ll end up feeling stuffy and unable to sleep properly.
  • Consider your lighting. For example, if you only have a central light, invest in a dimmer switch, or add bedside table lamps to give ambiance to the room.
  • Add lavender to your pillow before bedtime and get into a good evening routine so your body knows when to switch off. For example, have a set time to start decompressing for day, doing your skincare routine, reading etc. This way, your body knows it’s time to slow down and get ready for slumber.

Rearrange Furniture For A Better Flow

If you feel like something’s “off” in your room, it might be because the furniture isn’t placed in the right spot to allow maximum flow. Not only will rearranging furniture refresh the space, but it will also give your home a new lease of life.

You may need to even get rid of pieces you don’t use – such as that old side table, or the pile of magazines in your way every time you walk to the kitchen – but the main point is to be able to walk freely around the room without having to climb over or under, army style.

Plus, it means you’ll be able to clean that area under the sofa or bed your vacuum hasn’t seen for years.

Invest In Your Favourite Scent

One fairly inexpensive way to make your home a happier place is to invest in your favourite scent.

Scents can evoke a range of emotions, and you want to fill your home with a scent that takes you back to a happy time. For example, did you have a certain scent at your wedding that you can replicate at home, or was there a scent on holiday that you fell in love with.

Tip: My sister went to the Maldives on holiday and asked what the spa scent was, so she could purchase it and have that luxury smell in the bathroom thousands of miles back at home. All she has to do is close her eyes and she’s back in the Maldives – that is until my niece screams for an orange and she’s snapped back into reality.

My recommendations for room scents are M&S (Pomegranate/Fig are my favourite scents), Willow & Honey (their Cuban Tobacco & Oak smells like my dream man in a candle), and Neom Organics (add the Real Luxury Candle to your bedroom for a relaxing lavender and jasmine filled atmosphere).

Tick Off Those Niggling Jobs

There are certain jobs in my flat that never get ticked off the to-do list, but my resolution this year is to finally tackle those niggling little jobs that could be done in less than an hour.

First up, change all broken lightbulbs – currently, the bathroom, kitchen, and living room are in partial light, don’t pass judgment.

Secondly, I need to take my living room curtains up, so they stop dragging on the floor and being used as a play toy by Shirley and Audrey the cats.

And, finally, I need to bleach my bathroom tiles and install a new shower screen and bath panel. Take a look around your house and if there are jobs that could be done in a weekend morning or so, just get them done. You’ll feel instantly better I promise.

Add Indoor Plants

I have a confession. I kill nearly – read, every – plant I come into contact with. So this year I want to add more greenery to my house and keep them alive.

Indoor plants have an incredible amount of benefits, aside from staring in the perfect #UrbanJungle Instagram picture. They can clean the air, reduce stress, boost your mood, lower your blood pressure and lessen anxiety.

Wondering which plants to keep in what room?

Bathroom (wet spaces): Snake Plant / Aloe Vera / Peace Lily / Chinese Evergreen

Living Room (lots of natural light): Boston Fern / Weeping Fig / Bamboo Palm / Rubber Plant

Bedroom (calming plants): Prayer Plant / Jasmine / Lavender / English Ivy

Kitchen (can still thrive in dark corners): Calathea / Heart-Leaf Philodendron / Dieffenbachia / Sansevieria

Play Host More Often

This is more of a personal resolution for me, but I’m hoping some of you may relate.

I adore my flat, especially now I work from home and I’ve created a little winter nest. But the one thing I rarely do is invite people over. More of my close friends and family have seen my interior updates through social media than they have in real life.

This year I want to play host more often, and I’m not talking about the pressure of cooking a three-course dinner party (although that would be nice). I’m talking more drinks with the girls, film and popcorn nights, afternoon teas, Sunday brunch with the family etc. My place is only small, but this year I want to fill it with memories. Squeezed-in-like-sardines-in-a-tin memories.

Are there any resolutions you’ve spotted here that you want to add to your home this year? Making your home a happier place should be right at the top of your goals list this year, and remember, it doesn’t mean spending a penny – you could move furniture around and give the place a deep clean to feel brand new again.

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  1. 1.4.19
    Kim said:

    I have this weekend earmarked to take down my decorations and get rid of some of the boxes I’ve been storing in my spare room/office and put them up the attic. Which reminds me I must pop into the garage and go and find the office step-ladder!

    I also want to introduce a lot more plants, I don’t have a garden and although I enjoy walking around the fields and grounds of my landlords, I don’t have anything I can tend of my own. So an indoor oasis is my aim!

    • 1.4.19

      That will make such a huge difference Kim! I can’t wait to add more plants to my home and hopefully keep everything alive! 🙂 xxx

  2. 1.16.19

    Invite people over is something I also have to work on. It’s always a great and relaxed time and it should be done more often (let’s just ignore the clutter for a moment…)

    • 3.13.19

      I don’t do it quite as often as I’d like! I’m always to one to go to other peoples houses! xx

  3. 6.17.19
    Holly said:

    I’m moving soon and I can’t wait to make my little sanctuary. Bathroom plants are a MUST on my list for the new place!
    Holly | http://www.honestlyholly23.com