Today I'm sharing 5 Youtube Girl Bosses that inspire me daily, from my wardrobe to my career, healthy eating habits, business advice and reaffirming my belief in the universe. Come and see if there's someone new to add to your subscriptions list...

Today I wanted to write something a little different and share my top five most-watched Youtubers. The content creators that keep me coming back for more each and every time they upload if you like. I know I shouldn’t really admit this as a blogger myself, but recently I’ve found a real love for kicking back and watching video after video, instead of devouring blog posts like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to sit and read what my favourite gals are reading, wearing, eating etc, but there’s something almost addictive about seeing the day to day lives of those who inspire you played out on film.

Each of these women has an entrepreneurial spirit which I love, and are all creating businesses and running successful empires in their own fields. Let’s start with…

Ashley Brooke

OK, so I might have mentioned Ashley Brooke a couple (a lot) of times here on Apartment Number 4, but there’s a reason for that. This girl knows her style. From her chic Manhattan apartment to her amazingly attainable wardrobe, there’s a massive reason she’s my most watched vlogger of all time. When I first discovered Ashley, I binge-watched her videos in one weekend – that’s when you know you’ve stumbled across a good channel. From vlogs to style tips to her couple goals relationship with boyfriend Ryan, I’d definitely recommend tuning into Ashley if you’re looking for wardrobe inspiration set against the backdrop of the New York City skyline.

Patricia Bright

This woman. Where do I start with Patricia Bright? Coining some of my most loved phrases (It’s a waow people…) with probably the most infectious personality on the internet, there isn’t a video that I haven’t actually LOL’ed at when it comes to Patricia. If you’re looking for straight-up, no messing about reviews and advice then Patty is your girl. Her “I Spent” videos catapulted her onto another level on Youtube and she’s now well over 2 million subscribers. Oh, and trust me, I would never buy “merch” from a Youtuber – that was until Patty released t-shirts with her favourite sayings on. You better believe I picked myself up a “waow” t-shirt in pink, coming at the end of the month, ready and waiting for the ‘Gram.

Sarah’s Day

This Australian beauty was a recent find for me after searching for teeth whitening videos. Sarah’s Day follows the holistic and healthy lifestyle of, you guessed it, a gal named Sarah. She has an amazingly positive outlook on life and just watching her sun-filled videos makes me want to pack my bags and move to Bondi Beach. From daily workouts to her issues with digestion and skin flare-ups, Sarah’s incredibly relatable even though our lifestyles couldn’t be further apart. And if you thought Ashley and Ryan above were relationship goals, just wait until you see Sarah and BF Kurt. I mean, it’s cuteness overload but I genuinely can not help but love them.

Tar Marz

Tar is an Irish girl who moved to New York a couple of years back and has documented everything from apartment hunting to applying for a visa, places to eat, her freelance work and her long-distance relationship. Out of everyone I subscribe to on Youtube, I’d say Tar is the one I can imagine being friends with in real life. The warmth of her personality comes across so well in her videos and even though watching her life in New York looks amazing, she never sugar coats anything, giving viewers both the highs and the lows of living alone, away from family on the other side of the world. Having just reached the huge 100k milestone, I’m predicting big things in 2018 for this Irish talent.

Kalyn Nicholson

A fellow follower of the Law of Attraction, Kalyn Nicholson is a Canadian blogger whom I discovered a couple of years back. Focusing on motivation, planning, the universe, setting goals and creating new habits, this channel is a dream for a goal setting gal like me. I continually leave Kalyn’s videos feeling inspired or ready to tick something off my bucket list, and her approach to resetting your outlook by journalling and changing your environment is very similar to mine. I was the kid who changed my bedroom furniture around when I wanted a fresh start and Kalyn’s recently spring clean video series just goes to show you’re never too old to move your furniture.

Are you following any of these beauties? I’d love to add more entrepreneurial women to my Youtube roster, so leave me a comment below with anyone you think I might love.

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  1. Patricia is amazing, I do not regret subscribing to her channel since her content is unique and she’s such a lovely person. I do not know the rest of the bloggers/vloggers but I’ll check them for sure 🙂

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