5 Stylish Ways To Dress Your Windows

Today I'm sharing 5 stylish ways to dress your windows, from decorative window transfers to plantation wooden shutters.

While interior design experts advise starting with flooring and finishing with accessories when planning your room makeover, deciding on the right window treatment at the very beginning of the project can make all the difference to the finished room. There are a number of ways you can dress your windows, whether you have sash, French, arched or bay, and today I wanted to share my top five, from blinds to decorative window films.

Stylish ways to dress your windows



With a contemporary appeal, blinds offer the perfect balance between privacy and allowing enough light to enter the room. Fabric blinds are ideal for softening the overall look, and can be colour coordinated with the existing room design. Blind specialist Luxaflex has recently introduced a great addition to its offer in the form of Pirouette shades. Pirouette shades feature a sheer fabric, designed to enhance views to the outside while maintaining privacy and putting you in control of the amount of natural light that enters the room. The beauty of these blinds are that they transform harsh light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout the room so you can maximise day light hours and reduce the need for artificial lighting. This is also a great energy saving addition to the home and with the introduction of PowerView® Motorisation – where blinds are controlled and scheduled using an app on your phone or the new PowerView® Pebble® Control – it means each design is cordless and child friendly.

Today I'm sharing 5 stylish ways to dress your windows, from decorative window transfers to plantation wooden shutters.

Fretwork window panels

With a distinctive feel of Far Eastern craftsmanship, fretwork panels are a great way to not only increase the privacy of a room but to add a beautiful design element. When the sunlight beams through these panels, they create stunning shadow prints on the surrounding walls, which could look amazing in both bedrooms and dining rooms, where you won’t necessarily be all day.



A chic, albeit slight more expensive way to update your windows is to install made-to-measure wooden shutters – especially great if you have bay windows, which are notoriously hard to dress. Plantation or folding shutters, especially in white, are great within a coastal inspired home, while dark wooden shutters can look incredibly stylish within a more traditional setting. For extra warmth, consider teaming shutters with panel curtains – it doesn’t have to be one or the other, and by layering heavy cream curtains over white shutters it creates a sophisticated, luxe feeling to the room.

Today I'm sharing 5 stylish ways to dress your windows, from decorative window transfers to plantation wooden shutters.

Panel Curtains

Which leads me to the next point of using panel curtains within your scheme. Although once seen as an elaborate, over the top way of dressing windows, draping fabrics with tie backs, hooks, and even canopy’s with extra-long swaths of fabric can look incredible in the right setting. Curtains with a contrasting trim or a vibrant print against a plain wall background can really frame the window, as well as adding a focal point in the room.


Decorative window films

Finally, transferable window films are a great way of updating a rented property if you’re unable to install blinds or shutters – especially as they can be easily removed once you vacate the property. Usually added to kitchens and bathrooms, I’ve actually considered this for my office window, covering only the bottom half to allow maximum light from above, but covering the section of the window which is facing neighbouring flats below. This is also a really clean and modern way to dress your window, and with a huge array of prints and patterns, it’s an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom.

How have you dressed your windows? Which of these looks are you a fan of?

This is a paid promotion in collaboration with Luxaflex but as always, I only feature brands I truly love and fit in with the ethos of Apartment Number 4 – the inspire and inform you, the readers. 

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