10 Sunday Rituals To Make It Your Best Week Yet


For me, Sundays used to consist of sleeping in late, slobbing in front of the TV and ordering a takeaway come 6pm. Except I’d wake up the next day with Monday blues magnified by ten, all because I didn’t feel prepared for the week ahead. That’s when I decided to start using this part of the weekend to make sure I got the new week off to best possible start. I’m not saying you have to follow all 10 Sunday rituals to make it your best week yet, but I’d definitely suggest trying a couple of these, and see what a difference it makes.

1. Get your house in order

It might seem weird for some, but I rise early on a Sunday so while everyone else is sleeping, I’m the nutcase with the marigolds on, cleaning (my neighbours hate me and my vacuum). Starting the week off with a clean house is massively satisfying, so even if you just tidy the mess up, wipe down the surfaces and empty the bin you’ll feel better instantly.

2. Write a To-Do list

I have so much going on right now, juggling blogging bits with work, taking part in my six week boot camp, packing for a trip to New York next week and getting sorted for my best friends wedding in October, that if I didn’t have a to-do list I know I’m bound to forget something. I like to sit on a Sunday and plan out my week, scheduling everything from exercise to seeing friends and family and that way there’s no nasty surprises like a forgotten dentist appointment or standing my friend up at the cinema because I forgot she was there.

3. Plan your outfits

Waking up on a Monday morning realising that you’ve got nothing to wear and a huge pile of ironing to do is never going to make you feel ready for the week, so make sure on Sunday you always have your Monday outfit out, ironed and ready to go. I’d even check the weather forecast to see whether that all black outfit you’ve just got out is really suitable for the thirty degree heat you’ll be having come tomorrow.

4. Clean your fridge out

Spend Sunday morning chucking out all the old food in your fridge out. I know you’ve got some in there right now.Those peppers have seen better days girl. Go see what’s past its sell by date and pop to the shops to top up with anything you might need.

5. Prep Healthy Food

Which leads me on to food prep. How nice would it be to get home from work on Monday night and have some food already cooked for you? Well, you can use Sunday’s to batch cook and freeze bits for the through the week when whipping something up is the last thing you can be bothered to do. If you’re trying to eat healthily then prepping snacks to take to work will help you stay on track for the week ahead. I even like to make my overnight oats on a Sunday night so I don’t even have to worry about Monday morning breakfast.

6. Clean out your bag

I know I definitely need to do this, with wrappers, receipts and god knows what else piling up through the week. It’s amazing how much stuff I seem to gather in that little bag of mine but believe me I do. It;s strangely satisfying, trust me.

7. Get your gym kit out ready

I have boot camp on a Monday morning at 6.15am so I like to make things easier by getting my kit all ready at the side of my bed, with my towel packed and a full bottle of water cooling in the fridge. That way, I just need to literally roll out of bed, into my kit, brush my teeth and I’m off. On autopilot I might like to add, or else I’d potentially have time to talk myself out of it. I hate going. I do. But once I’ve done it, I feel like I’m ready to tackle the day ahead. Never miss a Monday gym session. It sets you right up for the week ahead

8. Put fresh sheets on

If you haven’t done this already, wash your bed sheets and pop fresh ones on. Everyone knows how nice it is getting into a clean, freshly washed bed on a night. And relax.

9. See friends and family

Obviously I’m not saying spend all day doing chores. Sunday’s should also be about getting out and seeing friends or family. Spend time with people that make you smile. Sitting on the sofa all day will make you feel like you’ve wasted your Sunday believe me, so even if you pop out for an afternoon coffee or a bacon sandwich at brunch, leaving the house and spending time with good souls will put you in a good mood for the start of the week.

10. Take some time to yourself

Sunday night is the ultimate pamper night for me. I very rarely make plans on a Sunday because I like to spend a couple of hours getting a bath, giving myself a facial, doing my nails – generally sorting my fuzzy, unsightly body out for the week ahead. I switch off all social media from 9pm and have a nice early night, skin feeling soft, in fresh sheets, knowing what I’ve got planned for the week ahead. Definitely a lot more satisfying than feeling too stuffed from a pizza and Sunday night blues setting in deep.

What Sunday rituals do you have to set yourself up for a better week? Try a couple today and see what a difference it makes.

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