In my whole 32 years on earth, I’ve lived with a lot of people. I’ve lived with my parents. I’ve lived with six other girls. I’ve lived with a complete stoner who stunk the house out. I’ve lived with a guy who chewed so loud with his mouth open, I’d have willingly gone to prison for hitting him with the iron. Hell, I’ve even lived with a crazy tap dancer who stole my Disney CD and never returned it. Bitch.

But now I live alone. And it’s amazing. I genuinely believe everyone should live alone once in their life. You gain a sort of independence you never really have if you move straight from you parents into a house with someone else. There’s no-one else to rely on. You need to sort your own shit. And it makes you a better person for it.

You learn to enjoy your own company

I’ve always enjoyed my own space and I’m more than happy doing things alone, from eating out to travelling. When you live alone you quickly get to discover who you are as a person, how you deal with things and how strong you are when you get dealt a crap hand. I absolutely enjoy my own company, and why wouldn’t I. I’m ace.

You learn to manage your money better

Trust me, before I lived alone I was absolutely crap with money. I spent, spent, spent. I spent on credit cards, I took out store cards. I basically pissed away any money I had coming in because I lived at mum and dad’s and figured, whatever happened, I’d get fed and I had somewhere to sleep at night. Now, if I don’t have enough money, I don’t pay my bills and my landlord says see you later. I now have a strict budget every month, where I know what’s coming in, what’s going out and any spare cash I get goes into savings for a rainy day.

You can decorate exactly how you please

If you want baby pink walls throughout the house, then you can do it. If you want a lime green sofa with red cushions (so help me god), then you can. Living alone means you don’t have to consult anyone when it comes to decorating your space. My currently flat is basically a man repeller, with flowers, pink and fur everywhere. Do I care that I just bought another embroidered cushion? Nope. I’m gonna sit here and admire it, without worrying about getting into another “either the cushion goes or I go” argument.

You can eat ALL the pizza

You’re ordering from Dominoes and your hand accidentally slips over the button for “Large” on the pizza size. And when the order turns up, you seem to have an order of wedges and chicken strips as well. They must have been giving those away. In exchange for money. When you live alone, you don’t have to explain that order to anyone but the scales tomorrow morning. And although I’m not saying go home every night and do the truffle shuffle, living alone does mean you can eat the pizza for dinner, supper and breakfast if you like.

Do who you want, when you want

OK, so we’ve all been in that situation of inviting someone over, and having to explain to your flatmates who it is. Not only that but you’ve got to handle that awkward moment of disappearing to your room to spend some…quality time together. When you live alone, you can do who you want, when you want. Freedom to bump uglies. What more reason do you need.

You don’t have to make small talk

Coming home to a silent house is the stuff of nightmares for some people. For me, it’s pure heaven. After a day chatting to my friends at work, I love nothing better than to come home and hear golden silence. I don’t have to sit on the sofa with a flatmate and make small talk about how their day’s been. Because to be honest, until my chicken kiev has cooked, I’m too hangry to listen to anything.

No-one can judge your TV choices

I’d love to say I watch hard hitting dramas and documentaries, but most of the time when the TV’s on, I’m either slobbing out to The Kardashians or watching something mindless on ITVBe. Real Housewives of Anywhere is my kind of hard hitting drama, and if I wanted a documentary, I’ll switch to The Bachelor, looking into the lives of hot men and single women. Hello, what else do I need?

You only have to deal with your bad habits

Living alone means you don’t have to get annoyed anyone else’s bad habits. If you like the toilet paper a certain way, then you can have it. There’s no one to leave the seat up (or moan about the seat being up), there’s no one to moan about the washing up, and all your quirky little habits – like using the 30 minute rule when you drop food on the floor, or leaving clay mask all over the bathroom when you’ve had a pamper session – can be done in the privacy of your own home with no one to judge.

You can starfish and spread ’em

Your own space means you can have the bed all to yourself, the sofa all to yourself, the bathroom all to yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone to get out of the shower, and you don’t need to get angry in the middle of the night when you wake up to no covers on your side.

You can talk to your cat

Along with talking to yourself, living alone means you often find yourself in conversation with a pet. It’s usually one sided, and most of the time it’s in this weird baby voice you couldn’t use in front of other people.

So there you have it. Ten reasons why living alone is awesome. If you haven’t ever lived alone, I’m not saying leave your husband and set up camp in a one bed apartment, but for those of you that are still on a solo mission, it’s just a reminder exactly why you need to embrace this stage of your life before your family/husband/wife comes along and brings with it the madness.

About the author
Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interior design blog Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.


  1. Could not even BEGIN to agree more with you!! I have lived with various people over the years in many different 'shared' situations as well as on my own for quite a few years here and there. I always loved living on my own for all the reasons you've talked about here. It was honestly bliss. Of course, I love my other half and I wouldn't want him to move out (ha!) but there are times when I do daydream of having my very own space again to indulge in all the things you can and revel in the silence and your own company. Totally agree, everyone should have the experience at least once in their lives 😉 xxx

    1. It's total bliss! And don't get me wrong, I can't wait to get married and share my life/home with someone, but I also love living by myself. I've learnt more these last couple of years than I ever did when I lived with other people. I can now do so many DIY jobs, I'm proud of my independent self! 🙂 xxx

  2. I adore spending time by myself when my husband is at work so I can blog away to my heart's content and watch terrible TV like The Kardashians and The Real Housewives, which are totally my guilty pleasure! x


  3. Haha! I absolutely loved reading this Victoria, and it's rare I find a writing style that sounds like a friend i'm talking to! How dare she nick the Disney CD!! – I've just moved into my own place living on my own, so I totally relate to this post! So glad I found your blog 🙂

    I'm over at http://www.trustinvogue.com, if you fancy a visit 🙂 keep up the good work! – Hannah xx

  4. Vic, I LOVE this post! It makes so much sense to me and makes me wish so much I had my own place! My flat mate isn't around that much anyway and it's super nice when I come home and it's just quiet. Plus no one can judge me when I start binge watching Home and Away on an evening ?​

    Emma ?​

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