Monochrome Black and White Scandinavian Office Decor Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve put together an office decor inspiration post so today I decided to focus on a popular home improvement choice on Pinterest –  Scandinavian office interior inspiration. Super simple, with Scandinavian design elements running throughout, I love how modern this style of interior design is without being too cold.

This trend seems to come around every season, each time updated with little changes here and there. This season it’s the use of rustic fabrics and finishes, as well as the addition of natural sources such as wood and plant life to add interest.

The key is to keep furniture streamlined and paired back, but remember, just because the palette is muted, it doesn’t mean the space has to be boring. I love the simplicity of a black office chair against a wooden desk, white walls and plants placed sporadically throughout create texture and stop it looking too clinical. If office chairs are on your shopping list, and you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk like me, then I’d definitely recommend speaking to office furniture trained specialists so they’re able to advise what model you need for a healthy posture.

Regardless of whether you’re painting your walls black, or keeping them a stark white, detail is key. I love the use of typography prints and black and white photographs to create a gallery wall above your desk. Perhaps add a Berber style rug if you have wooden floors to warm the space up and don’t forget about storage for your desk. And remember, this isn’t the sort of space that warrants loads of clutter, so be ruthless and throw away any rubbish you don’t need or want.

Monochrome Black and White Scandinavian Office Decor InspirationMonochrome Black and White Scandinavian Office Decor InspirationMonochrome Black and White Scandinavian Office Decor InspirationMonochrome Black and White Scandinavian Office Decor Inspiration


Monochrome Scandinavian Office Interior Design Ideas

Office Chair | Desk | Desk Lamp | Small Metal Plant Pot | Copenhagen PrintCandle

 Are you a fan of the monochrome trend? I’d love to know what your style you’d love, or currently have, in your own home office?

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