My goodness, this post has been a long time in the making. Mainly due to the crap British weather and having no sunshine at all coming through the windows unless I managed to find myself at home between the hours of midday and one in the afternoon. Winter is just not a good time for us bloggers, and when you don’t have masses of lighting equipment, you have to reply on good old mother nature to throw you a bone. 

Anyway, I found myself free this morning to finally take some snaps of my little living room shelfie I’ve got going on at the moment. I’ve had these Ikea shelves up for around six months now, but until recently they’ve been looking pretty basic. So last Friday night, whilst watching The Bachelorette (who else has googled the final two yet?), I  decided to shake them up a little and add a bit of interest.

I’d been kindly sent a gorgeous framed print (hanging on the wall) from a company called Post Collective and I knew that was the basic starting point. Post Collective, if you haven’t heard of it before, is the one of the first platforms for high quality Instagram photography. Working with a growing number of Instagram artists, there are some incredible pieces to chose from – I ended up going with this French Blue Umbrella image by Guillaume Dutreix (follow on Insta here). I loved the simplicity of it, as well and the calming blue and white colour palette which matched my living room perfectly. Plus, the quality of it was second to none. I’ve had Insta pictures before and they’ve been super pixelated but this was incredibly detailed still.

With my new print hanging straight(ish), I decided to showcase some of my other treasures, including new gold deer tea light holder from Marks & Spencer’s. I love how in terms of genre, none of my shelfie really matches – the tea light holder next to my rust-effect light-up letter V and little Ikea cactus – but it kind of just works.

I then threw in some greenery for good measure, both of which are artificial plants, again from Ikea, and I sprayed the plastic pots in a matte white spray paint. You could buy some white pots but I couldn’t find any to fit on the size of the ledge. 

One of my favourite buys has to be this graphic black and white Sue Timney plate from Marks & Spencer below. There’s a whole range in this abstract style and I’m very tempted to put it all on the credit card. I wouldn’t normally display plates around my house, but I thought this added a nice contrast to the colours and prints I had up there already. 

Finally, I had so many beautiful books lying around from Christmas, I decided to display them proudly. Who needs a coffee table, when you can show gorgeous books off like this. 

What do you think to my living room shelfie? If anything catches your eye I’ve made a list below of everything I have here so you can snap it up yourself. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

Shelves // Rust-Effect Letter V // Plants // Sue Timney Plate // Wooden Letter V // Framed Blue Umbrella Instagram Picture // Styled by Emily Henderson Book //  Deer Tea Light Holder // Cactus // Love You Always Print // Wooden Ampersand // Happy Handmade Home Book // Postcards (framed in Ikea frames) // Sage Living Book

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