8 February 2017


I think it's fair to say HomeSense and I are having a little love affair this season. I mean, we've always been close but right now our relationship is on fire. They just keep stocking the good stuff and I keep on going back for more. I can't help myself.

I know so many of you reading this are from my hometown of Leeds (I can hear the faint chanting of rugby league supporters in the background) which is why I wanted to let you all know there's about to be a brand new city centre HomeSense opening come Thursday 2nd March 2017. Get that date in your diaries people. Set on the bustling Headrow, alongside sister shop TK Maxx, the new store is set to have an incredible offer of home d├ęcor, garden additions, florals, furniture, pet goods, stationery, books and so much more - so much more if fact, but all with the signature HomeSense price tag.

With the opening taking place two weeks today, I wanted to share some of my Spring interior highlights from in store, which are available nationwide obviously, not just Leeds - you don't have to travel all the way up north or down south wherever you're based to go shopping, but I would always recommend coming to the best city on earth.

Although these products are available to shop in store rather than online, I thought I'd share the price of each piece so you can see exactly what to expect once those doors open. I'm obsessed with the blue velvet chair above - the thing you have to be careful with at HomeSense is that most pieces are a one off in store, so try and buy whatever you love there and then before someone else snaps it up. I'd also love some ombre wine glasses, and the side table would look great in my spare room come office. Actually so would that white wire basket. Someone stop me. Send help. 

1. Cushion £16.99 2. Velvet Arm Chair £129.99 3. Gold & Wood Lamp £39.99 4. Cactus in Pot £16.99 5. Floral Plate £3.99 6. Napkins £4.99 7. Gold Scissors £3.99 8. Blue Ceramic Bowl £3.99 9. Wooden Side Table £49.99 10. White Lantern £24.99 11. Floral Cushion £39.99 12. Gold Cutlery £39.99 13. Ombre Wine Glass £2.99 14. Paper Basket £12.99 15. Two Tone Vase £7.99


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  1. Ahh this post makes me so happy for some reason, must be the prospect of Spring! I'm desperate to head to Homesense, I'm not where the nearest one in London is? I love the cacti plant :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle


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