24 July 2015


If there's one interiors trend to emerge from the first half of 2015, it has to be Tropical Punch. Everywhere I turn I spot pineapples, cacti, banana leaf prints, flashes of bold colours, parrots...the list goes on. So today I thought I'd, one, give you a little tropical inspiration for your home and two, show you how you can achieve the look very easily in your own home.

I actually fell in love with this banana print a long time ago when I was reading about the Beverly Hills Hotel, which has this featured throughout. I actually tried to find something similar for a photoshoot I was styling earlier this week as a background but I didn't realise how damn expensive it was. I found a great alternative though on eBay, however, which I've added below - you'll also see on my Instagram at some point this weekend as I'm off to buy a white frame from Ikea to hang a scrap piece I have left in my living room.

I don't think my love for pineapples is going to fade away anytime soon, and my love for greenery around the house most certainly isn't, which is why the trend is perfect for me. Quite a few of my favourite shops have caught on to this trend early on, so I brought together some key pieces which will help you add a little Tropicana to your home. 

This kind of interiors trend works in any room, but I'm a big fan of creating a statement bathroom or hallway - imagine this wallpaper with a roll-top bath and black and white tiled flooring. Let me know if you like this style and make sure you look out for my tropical print wall art on Instagram this weekend.

Exotic Rain Forest Wallpaper £10.99, Green Feathered Bird £8.50, Retro Garden Chair £45.00, Porcelain Pineapple Jug £32.00, Green Glazed Cactus Vase £39.00, Banana Leaf Fabric Cushion Cover £21.85, White Ceramic Wall Parrot £18.95, Pom Pom Garlands £14.00


  1. I absolutely like this trend! I am redecorating my room and definitely am edging towards the more tropical trend.


    1. I know it's beautiful isn't it Jess! If you need inspiration, look for pictures of the Beverly Hills hotel - erm, hello gorgeousness!! xxx

  2. Good idea! Because of what you have here, I suddenly think that I could make use of our old patio furniture as a living room decoration as well. I mean look at this one it's like a library-inspired living room.

    Roman style decor

  3. Tropical brights are amazing. Living in a sunny place vanilla can pass for a main event but I would like some bold brights for the winter.

    1. I live in a rented house so its vanilla everywhere! I try and add a little colour with my accessories, and definitely for winter to brighten the place up a little x


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