21 April 2015


For a little while there, everyone kind of fell out of love with the whole boho look, turning to more tailored or grungy looks at Coachella. I didn't. Ever since Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller brought that whole look back, circa 2005, I've been completely in love with everything bohemian. Which is why I'm obsessed with the Californian festival which is currently in its second week.

20 April 2015

Beat My Price: A Frugal Girls Dream

If you're anything like me, when it comes to shopping for the big things in life, you'll often try and search online for the best price first. We're a nation of bargain hunters, especially following the recession, and I'm first to admit, I've become Coupon Cathy a couple (a lot) of times in life.

16 April 2015


Looking into other people's homes is one of my favourite past times, so I thought today we'd take a look at ten rooms which have managed to successfully whet my interiors appetite. Add to the mix that each of these rooms belong to some of my favourite bloggers and I've got myself a dream blog post.

Above we have the living space of food enthusiast and blogger Claire Thomas from The Kitchy Kitchen. I adore the boldness of the space from the mottled pink rug, through to the rich tone of the blue arm chair with contrasting cushions. Plus she has this amazing marble topped coffee table - a girl after my own heart obviously.

14 April 2015


You realised you'll never be able to own a plant again. Even cacti. Despite the spikes, the cats will still eat through them. Expect to come home and find soil on your cream carpet. More than once.

You'll become a boring connoisseur of cat litter. You know off the back of your hand the ones that clump, the ones that don't clump, the expensive ones, the cheap ones and the Aldi one which everyone raves about.

You'll develop a weird baby voice that is only suitable to use when it's you and the cats. Strictly when no one else is around. Repeat, ONLY when alone.

13 April 2015


The one room which leaves me puzzled in terms of how to decorate when renting is the bathroom. I know most people will think, why worry, but I live in an apartment where every room has my stamp on it. The bathroom just leaves me feeling a little...well, blah. The walls are white, the tiles are white (ish), the floor's white, white, white, white.

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