7 February 2016


Last week I put together a little Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him, which seemed to go down well, so this week I wanted to do something similar but for the ladies. Now, if you're like me, then this Valentine's Day will be spent eating leftover pancakes and drinking a large glass of wine with my single self. But that doesn't stop me treating myself to a little suttin' suttin'. And neither should it you.

I'm a big believer in that you don't always have to wait for someone to buy you those flowers or chocolates. Go treat yourself. Go out and buy yourself some gorgeous new lingerie or some beautiful perfume. And speaking of underwear, I wanted to show you this gorgeous set from Matalan which was sent to me recently. This is such a beautiful style bra, one which could be worn under an opened shirt, tucked into jeans and heels. With scalloped lace edging, it's a really pretty alternative to my usual standard plain Jane pieces of underwear. Plus, I'm always a fan of black lace underwear, much more than your typical Valentine's red. 

To celebrate Valentine's I wanted to run a little giveaway for you, with this big box of yummy Thorntons Chocolates and a cute little teddy to give to your love - or, keep for yourself! Chocolates are the perfect present for Valentine's Day. Actually it's pretty much the perfect present for me any day. Especially Thorntons. 


4 February 2016


If your family is short on space (can you see I'm on a maximising space roll right now?), you are probably thinking the best option is to move. In the past, you would have been right. Up until recently, it was the cheapest way to get the space you and your family needed.

Today, that is not always the case. As you will see from the information in this post the cost of moving has risen and can easily run into tens of thousands. Often that is more than you would have spent on getting a full loft conversion done.

It sounds unlikely I know, but trust me I have done the maths. If you factor in the value a loft conversion adds to your home it really does make economic sense. Moreover, there is the added benefit of not having to uproot your family. You and your children do not have to make new friends. You can stay in the area you love and you do not have to go through the stress involved in moving.

Here are a few of my favourite loft room ideas. I hope they inspire you and open your eyes to what you can do with the space above your head.



Not everyone is blessed with the huge amount of space you often see in interior design magazines. Most, like myself, live in a standard house or apartment and have to make the best of what they've got. Kitchen space, especially, is often limited, so today I wanted to show you a few kitchen ideas of how to maximise the space you have.

I think with a functioning room such as a kitchen the main priority is storage. And plenty of storage at that. I love ingenious ideas like pull out cupboards from a cabinet corner once unused, or open shelves on an empty wall to keep surfaces free of bits and bobs. Could you build shelving around the kitchen door perhaps? Or add corner shelving somewhere to display crockery? 


2 February 2016


Investing in furniture is only something I've only started to do as I've entered my thirties. When I was younger, pretty much everything would be from Ikea and I wouldn't care. But time has passed and I've started to earn a little more buck, I've chosen pieces of furniture that I've not only loved, but I know will last a lot longer than an MDF flatpack.

This is where furniture retailer Nest comes along. This interiors store started life in 2002, founded by Christian Hawley following a year out travelling the world. On returning to the UK, Hawley decided to set up shop with some of the most lust worthy designers and craftsman out there. Located in Sheffield, this store has since expanded online, with a website showcasing over 15,000 products, as well as retaining the original Sheffield showroom. Ranging from furniture, to lighting, textiles and decorations, it's definitely worth a visit - especially if you're a fan of Scandi interiors.

At the very heart of this store is beautiful design. From the classic DAW Eames chair, through to this sleek Tom Dixon design below, I wanted to bring together six statement pieces of furniture to whet your interiors appetite. I'm currently looking for a statement chair to add to the corner of my bedroom and am struggling to decide between a classic Louis Ghost Chair or a soft pastel pink upholstered armchair - two very different designs, but two which I think could work in the corner if styled correctly. 

Anyway, here are six expertly crafted chairs, which I think - although pricey - are worth the investment. Especially the Tom Dixon one which I'm obsessing over now. New car or new chair? New car or new chair? Tough life decision...


31 January 2016


When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, a graphic designer, an interior designer, a writer...can you see a creative pattern emerging? I wanted to work in an environment where I could make things and inspire other people. I had dreams. Big dreams. And I worked my arse off to achieve them. So, although I'm not claiming to be some kind of career advisor, I feel I've got enough experience to tell you what I did to achieve my dream job. Anyway, I've put together ten pieces of advice which have helped me along the way - and I'm hoping might inspire you too.

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