1 August 2015


Swoon Editions is an online interiors shop I discovered through the beautiful and badass blogger that is Sarah Akwisombe. She showcased a gorgeous chevron rug which I've had my eye on ever since. And my love for Swoon Editions didn't just stop at that rug. I also fell for this mid-century inspired armchair with the coolest furniture fabric I've seen in a long time. I never thought I'd see my love for tropical prints and mid-century furniture combined successful but here we are with the Karla armchair in Jacqueline Colley fabric

The concept behind Swoon Editions is that everything is handcrafted and limited in stock. So you really are getting one-off statement additions to add to your home. What I really love about this is the affordability. When certain shops can charge over £150 for a piece of MDF, paying £79 for a rosewood side table is incredible in my book.

Below I've put together seven of my favourite pieces from the site, all from the Available Now section - read, 1-2 weeks delivery time. Let me know if you're swooning (sorry!) over any of the pieces I've highlighted and have a great weekend - P.S I know a few people who would go mad for the cactus hanger I've chosen.

26 July 2015


We all have those days, weeks and months where life seems so busy you don't feel like you have time to breathe, never mind look after yourself properly.

You don't eat the right things because after getting in late all you want is something quick and easy to sit and eat in front of the TV. You don't have time to exercise because you already have so much to do through the day, so as cliché as it sounds you let looking after your body, mind and soul become a second priority to everything else in your life.

This is exactly what's happened to me over the past two months, but it's now reached a point where my heart is beating in a weird way, I'm getting dizzy spells when I stand up and sometimes feel really anxious and panicky like something is tied around my neck. I had a ECG on Friday and about two gallons of blood taken over the past three weeks so this next week should bring some answers, fingers crossed.

It could be a number of reasons but the fact that I haven't been taking care of myself and letting my stress levels go through the metaphorical roof certainly can't be helping matters. So this weekend I sat down and decided I needed to make some lifestyle changes.

24 July 2015


If there's one interiors trend to emerge from the first half of 2015, it has to be Tropical Punch. Everywhere I turn I spot pineapples, cacti, banana leaf prints, flashes of bold colours, parrots...the list goes on. So today I thought I'd, one, give you a little tropical inspiration for your home and two, show you how you can achieve the look very easily in your own home.

19 July 2015


When I buy a book as gorgeous as this, it really takes all my will not to sit wherever I am (usually at my desk) and read it cover to back. Emily Schuman is one of my all time favourite bloggers. Along with Ella of Coco's Tea Party, Cupcakes and Cashmere was one of the blogs which completely inspired me all those years back to start creating my own little piece of the internet.

With one book successfully under her wing, I was super excited to find out she was releasing a book completely dedicated to interiors and entertaining in the home. I know it's not all picture perfect, but Emily strikes me as the kind of girl who's got her shit together. She has that effortless style which I try to emulate in my day to day life, but this book just gave me that little bit of a push to finally get my house where I want it to be.

15 July 2015


I'm always really interested in finding out what other bloggers musical tastes are, so I thought today I'd put together a little summer playlist of all the songs I'm currently cruising around to in my little car.

I've got quite an eclectic taste in music, from Little Mix to Birdie to Years & Years, but my heart really lies in 90s RnB and something with a little base. Old school 80s funk and soul is always good too when I'm out, and I'd never turn a Motown track off.

Here are just some of the songs I'm listening to at the moment - some are kind of old, some you'll hear on the radio now. Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you'd feature on your summer playlist?
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